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jaaga - creative common spaceJaaga

Creative Common Ground

Based in Bangalore, India, JAAGA seeks to nurture innovative endeavors by providing space, core infrastructure, and a diverse social environment.

ITEXADER, a swiss NGO based in Lausanne, active in France and Switzerland in ENERGY EDUCATION, ITEXADER is certified by UNESCO



swissmango, a young and innovative technology enterprise based in the greater Zurich area.

Vickram Crishna

« The Solar Sound Project is a deceptively simple use of technology to integrate into the art and culture of ordinary people, in lands where modern technology’s impact is largely indirect. It will provide a bridge for artists, for whom circumstance has them on the deprived side of the economic and digital divides, to explore the opportunities of new media from their traditional strongholds. »

Vickram Crishna, Audio ingénior, technical partner Mumbay

Vickram Crishna is a familiar figure in India and abroad. His work in acoustic solutions has been to pioneer the use of distributed sound for outdoor concerts, transforming the concept by which audiences can be given a high quality sound experience.

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