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post 11.04.2012

One of the biggest energy for all expert in the world was from Bangalore !

Amulya Kumar N Reddy (21.10.1930 – 07.05.2006)

Cricketer, electrochemist,  energy analyst, rural energy practitioner, appropriate technology pioneer, spokesman for sustainable development, campaigner against nuclear energy for power and/or weapons, respected teacher and more than anything, a person who has tried to live up to Gandhiji’s talisman.

post 11.04.2012

Prayas ( Initiatives in Health, Energy, Learning and Parenthood) is a nongovernmental, non profit organisation based in Pune, India.

Members of Prayas are professionals working to protect and promote the public interest in general, and interests of the disadvantaged sections of the society, in particular.

post 10.04.2012

Hi SolarSound

You might like to attend!

Regards, Ralph

post 01.04.2012

This Megapulser extends Battery life up to 5 times !

this is ( we hope ) an amazing little machine,,,THE megapulser
it pulse high frequency inside the batteries and fight the
sulfatation and even it repares batteries…

we are now testing this in Lausanne with fanny to see how it
is working

there is some references of university in austria and deutshland
that have tested this…

friends of us are already using a megapulser for more than one year
for their solar pv installation made only with second hand batteries…

i invite you to try also, with Viral from the Computer Club Jaaga,
we find a dealer in india…

i have seen that the Jaaga building batteries are really sulfated reverter-life-enhancer-pr442727-sFP-swf.html

In Bangalore, you can find it for 470 rps ( in europe for 5000rps !..)

our electronic friend in Lausanne told us that there is only

5 suisses francs ( 250 rps ) of material inside

then let’s make a DIY kit for this…think of it…

batteries are a big part of the budget of many families around
the world and then this megapulse could provide developpement.,.,

instead of paying a new batterie 5 times , you can buy many things
like a solar panel for more autonomy or the school for your children…


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