RockTheSun concept


  • 1_to build a SolarSoundSystem
  • 2_use it for presentations, DJ sets, and Vialka concerts in India and collect adresses and contacts for opening a web mail ( solarsoundbangalore at )
  • 3_let it in Jaaga residency for next projects and partners and open
  • 4_co develop an indo-swiss platform for energy education that can evolute with other solarsound projects


  • To establish a link between sustainable development and culture.
  • To promote Swiss design and technology, and provoke Indo-Swiss exchange.
  • On-site construction of a socio-cultural and educational module with local partners.
  • To bring attention to energy-related and environmental problems.
  • To exchange practical experience using socio-cultural and educational tools.
  • To expand the visibility of the project on an international level, through our collective media contacts: national radio, television and press (who have already expressed great interest)
  • To offer a space for artistic expression independent of the electric system.


Rock the Sun – dates


  • 27 february – 10 March :
  • Bangalore residency at Jaaga


  • 10 March 2012 19:00pm :
  • Inauguration performance ( Vialka + dj set) at Jaaga auditorium


  • 11 March 2012_14:00pm :
  • demo and dj set afternoon at Jaaga auditorium


  • 12 March 2012_10:00am :
  • demonstration+lecture at Srishti School of Art Design & Technology


  • 16 March 2012_10:30pm :
  • demonstration+lecture at DSI Engineering College


  • 18 march 2012_18:30pm :
  • performance ( Vialka + dj set) at “Vivanta by Taj” hotel, garden court,
  • organised by Alliance française Pune


  • 21 march 2012 :_19:30pm :
  • performance ( Vialka + dj set SolarSoundSystem)
  • Soirée Franco-Suisse (Francophonie)
  • organised by :
  • the General Consulate of Switzerland in Bangalore &
  • Alliance Française Bangalore.

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